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Do CBD Products Actually Work?

Do CBD Products Actually Work?

CBD is one of the most oversaturated and confusing sectors in recent memory, and we don’t have to look very hard to figure out why. According to a 2019 BDS Analytics study, CBD sales are expected to reach $20 billion by 2024. Cha-CHING!

Unfortunately, that means unscrupulous manufacturers are looking to cash in on this “trend” by any means necessary (potentially sullying the reputation of honest suppliers in the process). That means shoving CBD of dubious origin and quality into virtually anything that’ll sell, whether it will work or not, simply to capitalize on a popular product. 

Here, we’ll highlight five of the most bizarre CBD products on the market today and offer some words of caution for our beloved consumers. (That’s you!) 


CBD: A Quick Recap

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is one of several cannabinoids (extracts) from the Cannabis plant. CBD is found primarily in the Cannabis sativa species, while the Cannabis indica strain is better known for its THC content. (THC--or Tetrahydrocannabinol--is CBD’s more strictly regulated, psychoactive cousin.) 

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized cultivation of hemp and other cannabis plants in the United States, so long as they contain less than 0.3% THC. 

It’s important to note that the Farm Bill did not legalize CBD on the federal level. Medications containing CBD that have earned the FDA’s approval are fair game, but the permissibility of general CBD use remains a state issue. (Check to see if your state permits CBD sales here.) Make sure to check your local laws before bringing home CBD products. 

Do CBD products actually work

Can You Put CBD in Anything?

Apparently. Without further ado, here are our picks for the five strangest CBD products on the market today (in no particular order):


No, we’re not kidding. CBD dosage varies by brand, ranging from 10 mg to 25 mg per toothpick. The main problem here is that toothpicks are made of wood. 

Wood is a cellular and capillary product, meaning that oil infused into the toothpick will be widely and unevenly distributed. That being the case, the amount of bioavailable CBD is questionable, unless you plan to eat the entire toothpick...which we do not recommend.

Bath bombs

Most CBD bath bombs on the market contain around 50 mg of CBD per bomb, which would typically be considered a hefty dose! 

However, because the CBD is diffused into a full tub of water, the likelihood that a measurable amount of CBD will actually get into your system is very low. While a hot bath can certainly stimulate the body’s heat receptors and help relieve pain, the variable dosing in a bath bomb means that CBD’s efficacy will be inconsistent. 


The beauty industry is not sleeping on the CBD trend. Lip balms, face oils, and soap are among the products breathing new life into the term plant-based. While effective dosing in these forms is not likely, your skin is capable of absorption, so you may get some CBD from them. Eyelashes, on the other hand…

CBD Bed Sheets

Taking it to the next level is Royal Heritage Home’s CBD Sleep brand, which features 200 thread count bed linens infused with CBD. The CBD is reportedly microencapsulated so that it will remain for up to 30 washes. 

Our question: what’s the transfer rate like between the content of your sheets and your skin? While the idea is intriguing, if you really want to take CBD at night to help you sleep, pure oil delivered orally is a much better way to get a consistent, sufficient dose.

CBD for better sleep

Hair Care

The list of conditions treatable with CBD grows longer every day, and dandruff just might be on it. Some research and anecdotal evidence imply that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may reduce the occurrence of itchy scalp and flakes. 

It’s also rich in long-chain fatty acids, which promote hair growth, but science has not yet reported a link between CBD and flowing locks. 

Why So Critical?

We are (obviously) passionate about CBD and committed to sharing this incredible product with as many people as possible. It’s important to us that our consumers are well-informed. 

Professional integrity demands that we call out fads and opportunistic producers, but we’re also aware of the importance (and fun!) of experimentation. So go ahead - get the lip balm! The sheets! The bath bombs! If your budget has the room and your expectations of the efficacy are realistic, it could be fun. 


CBD Purity

Speaking of efficacy, purity is a key indicator of how well a CBD product may work. Purity depends primarily on the extraction method. Vida Drops exclusively employs CO2 extraction, because we believe it’s the best way to get the highest quality CBD from the plant without the use of dangerous solvents. 

Want to inspect the purity of products from your favorite CBD producer? Look for the data. Reputable companies submit to testing by independent laboratories and make the results available to consumers. 

Another tip: some manufacturers take advantage of the power of association by including hemp iconography in their label design. Make sure that you’re getting pure CBD and not another hemp derivative, like hemp seed oil.

How to dose CBD

Dosing Accuracy

While it’s nearly impossible to overdose on CBD (according to the World Health Organization, toxicity occurs at 150mg per kg of body weight), more is not always better. Achieving desired results requires accuracy. Contact points, absorption method, and length of exposure matter. 

When you look at items like CBD-infused shampoo or conditioner, think about how much you generally use and how long it’s in contact with your scalp. You might end up accidentally absorbing more CBD from a shampoo into your hands than into your scalp. 

The Final Word

There’s no doubt that finding ways to incorporate CBD into your everyday life is a good idea, especially for people with chronic pain or anxiety. However, as with anything that you’re using in hopes of a specific effect, you should keep an eye on the source, purity, and manufacturing method of your CBD--especially since there is little to no regulation to ensure consistency from vendor to vendor. 

Vida Drops adheres to a strict “seed to seal” process, which means you can rest assured that our CBD is sourced from the very best hemp plants and undergoes a strenuous, multi-step quality assurance evaluation. Check out our products here